WristList: final project presentation

Planning out the first challenge: Design and program the toolpath for a maze

I really ramped up my grasp of Solidworks

This is how it came out eventually - I suspect that I did not calculate my depth of cut correctly with the quarter inch end mill, and so the cut was rougher than expected!

instituted more virtual planes to reference from than I ever thought I would 

spline game STRONG

Cut simulations were the most fun

I was feeling real good with the first few cut jobs

and came out with a really good wrist-facing logo

but in my very last session, and without consulting a TA to check my Haas interface because a) there were fewer TA's, b) I didn't want to be annoying, and c) I thought I had my shit together, I mismanaged an offset. Definitely a humbling moment for me.

Luckily my friend Delaney Rua, a fellow product design student, 
had a 3D printer in her dorm room, so we knocked one out for the final presentation!

Writing demo!

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