Kaixi (pronounced Kai-shee, born Katherine Yang in 1998,) is a rising young artist. She is creating, curating and dealing with art, institutions and technology that elevate people, heal ecosystems and affect perceptual changes.
As a creator, she is medium agnostic.
At present, she is looking for a place to stay in LA from July 1 to July 24, will be interning with Alexa Meade, will be working on a PVC upcycling project with Vertiver in New Delhi, jamming with producers, and is learning CNC machining and Solidworks.
Kaixi has shown works in various solo and group exhibitions internationally. She is the recipient of CIE's Top in the World in Art & Design: Painting, Top in New Zealand in Graphic Design, and Sociology, has won regional and national awards for her paintings, and has been featured in a number of leading New Zealand news outlets. Her last high school, ACG Senior, instituted an annual trophy and awarded her the first, 'Most Promising Artist'. Her high school concert band deemed her superlative, 'Girl With The Biggest Balls', and her freshman dorm "Most Likely to Ask You Your Greatest Fear In The First Interaction". 
She has created in residencies with the University of Auckland's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences with bioluminescent bacteria under Dr. Siouxsie Wiles, and has welded with renowned large scale figurative sculptor Marco Cochrane.
She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Product Design, a mix of mechanical engineering, art, psychology and business, at Stanford University. Her design experience ranges from projects in tele-health devices that convert iPhones to ophthalmoscopes at oDocs Eye Care, modular packaging for smart sensor garments at StretchSense, wearable air pollution smart filters at AVA, and branding/art direction for a Stanford-based blockchain enabled healthcare platform. She participated in the selective Apple Women in Science and Engineering Mentorship program where she learned about innovative manufacturing methods.
She is the co-founder and creative facilitator of ArtX, an interdisciplinary creative collective that bridges divides between art and science/technology on Stanford campus. They are merging expression through artist residency programs, installations - notably a 20x30 ft laser mist projection by Charlotte Thun Hohenstein, workshops on topics like creative coding and neural artistic style transfer, talks by artists like Alexa Meade, tours of institutions like Google AR/VR, and community oriented exhibitions. ArtX now exists also at Johns Hopkins University.
Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Kaixi was brought up as a shopkeeper's assistant, and a wholesaler/craftsman's apprentice, in a family of storytellers, philosophers, foragers and hustlers. Drawing from the age of 4, she ended up painting and advocating for tech literacy for creative empowerment so hard that she got here. Her journey, far from complete, has been one of prolific creation of puns, resonances and harmonies, as well as personal transcendence.