kaixi yang

kai-shee young // the source of the sauce, human artist, designer of healing, Learning Product Design @Stanford, merging expression @ArtX.stanford.edu. kiwifruit/chinese gooseberry, punner, hummer.

capturing the essence of a being by removing room from hesitation; near-instantaneous connection from eye to brain to hand
Human Landscape
to get lost in our own textures, unique, shifting, grasping, chafing and intimate
Mathematical Beauty
An exploration of whether mathematics can define beauty, and whether mathematics can be deemed beautiful. Awarded Cambridge International Examinations: Top in the World, Art & Design: Painting
Mathematical Kinetic Sculptures w/ John Edmark
ArtX Stanford
ig: @artxstanford - an interdisciplinary collective that bridges divides between art and science/technology on campus through activations, workshops, tours and community oriented exhibitions.
Personifying languages as endangered creatures
Brave New World
Technology is Designed like a drug; Awarded Cambridge International Examinations Art & Design: Graphic Design, Top in New Zealand
Nebulous, adjective, in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy. Plastic is ubiquitous in our lives and is convenient in so many applications, yet its proliferation comes with an environmental cost, bringing about nebulous attitudes towards the material. This installation is a meditation on the nature of plastic at a critical juncture in modern history. #CEE32H: Responsive Structures
designing and handcrafting precious wearable artefacts, sculpting heirlooms close to the heart
Cross Sectional View of the Universe
Processing sketch, Drawing with Code
you are creating topography with every step, and ripping holes into the fabric of space; a multimedia interactive Kinect enabled projection mapping onto a blackout fabric;
CNC Maze & Wrist List
3D Modelling in Solidworks & HSM Works Programming for Mass Manufacture + Wearable concept for the Wristlist: capture fleeting thoughts without being taken out of the moment
Puhi o Tamaki, Te Ha o Te Hau Kainga
Breeze of Auckland, The Breath of Home | ME203 Design & Manufacturing
oDocs Eye Care
interning for a medical device startup: tele-health devices that convert iPhones to ophthalmoscopes for portable, low cost eye exams
User Research/Industrial Design for this stealth startup, Advanced Ventilation Applications; contact me to sign an NDA, it's worth it!
StretchSense Packaging Design + Manufacturing
design process of Stretchsense's smart fabric and sensor arrays’ modular boxes from concept to manufacturing within 6 weeks
Agency | No Agency
A collaborative drawing machine; a duet performance, a conversation mediated through a machine.
OMG Tech!
Leading and coordinating volunteers to teach hundreds of kids from diverse backgrounds on how to unmake/hands-on-disassemble e-waste and learn what their devices are made of.
Biolumination: Symbiome Series
To be cognisant of our intimate connection and dependence on bacteria to survive essentially, and of humanistic hubris in a way; they could fuck us up if we fuck with it. Art residency and graduate level lab training at the University of Auckland's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences with bioluminescent bacteria under renowned microbiologist Dr. Siouxsie Wiles
Tangled & Twisted
The coincidence of photography and neuroscience, the myth of women in hysteria, and body horror amidst the emergence of modern surgical practices
A study on Christian iconography from a secular perspective, and on the vandalism of interpretation as a means of propagating the meme through time.
appropriate cultural appropriation?
a mix of cultures, but still feeling a fake, how does one appropriately appropriate inner mongolian, maori and buddhist artefacts? shot in the suburbs of LA with @leafy.yeh
Facing Duck Syndrome
Paddling away furiously below but casual above water. Taught away from visible distraught / now revealed / melancholy squad painted by me photographed by @sarahohta for @stanfordmint editorial
A Pyre For All That Is Beautiful
Performance art video - directed by Iman Floyd-Carroll
Stream of Consciousness Dome
welded under apprenticeship with Marco Cochrane, renowned large scale figurative Burning Man installation sculptor
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