Pondered by K. Euan Yang
Plastic is a material so immaterial in its formability, transparency, and undulation, yet so material in its durability, longevity and ubiquity in our lives.
In the past 200 years, plastic has developed from a nascent and expensive wonder-material to something so disposable and cheap. We’ve allowed plastic into our lives as a restorative material, so wonderfully stable for so many applications, but in doing so, we’ve allowed plastic to become a scourge to our environment.
This installation is a meditation upon the nature of plastic at a critical juncture in modern history when our attitudes towards plastic in our environment have so become so nebulous.
Structurally, this installation is a long chain structure stably comprised of smaller parts; plastic embodying itself molecularly on a macro scale with plastic balls forming a bubbly chain. Our installation is at once a creature, a place to inhabit, a clustered virus upon its environment, a thought ebbing, flowing, terminating, and a lens through which to see nature warped and made alienating and unfamiliar.
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