Selection of Professional Experience        
        Independent Artist, KAIXI YANG ART (2014 - Present)
        CEO & Co-founder, ENTITY design studio (Apr 2021 - Present)
        Global Shaper, World Economic Forum (Dec 2020 - Present) 
        Co-founder, Future of Consciousness (December 2021 – Present)
        Creative Designer, unspun (Jul 2020 – Jan 2021)
        Sustainable System Designer, VERTIVER (Jul 2019 - Sep 2019)
        User Researcher & Industrial Designer, Advanced Ventilation Applications, (Jul 2018 - Sep 2018), 

Selection of Awards 
       10K Awarded by Climate Reality Project, & the World Economic Forum for A Regenerative Framework for Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland City
       2023 O1-B Visa to the United States of America
       2016 Stanford BASES Prodathon Internet of Things, Entrepreneurial Case Competition, 1st place winner.
       2016 Cambridge International Examinations
              -  Top in the World for Art & Design: Painting
              -  Top in New Zealand for Art & Design: Graphic Design
              -  Top in New Zealand, Sociology

       2015 Auckland Art Gallery Pat Hanly Art Student Award Nominee
       2015 AUT Original Art Sale Art Competition 1st place winner
       2015 New Zealand Secondary School Art Competition 1st place Grand Prize, out of 1200 applicants
       2015 Most Promising Artist Award, ACG Senior College

       2023 Homework MX
       2022 Moos Solarpunk Residency
       2022 Laguna MX
       2022 AR HOUSE LA - Fashion Cohort
       2019 Alexa Meade Apprenticeship
       2017 Siouxsie Wiles University of Auckland, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Bioluminescent Art Residency and Graduate Level Microbiology Training.
       2015 Siouxsie Wiles - Biolumination II for White Night - Auckland Arts Festival 2015

       2024 Work In Progress NYC Show, BLOOM
       2024 NYC Artistry Showcase
       2023 JAM01 at PersonaNYC
       2022 PersonaNYC Opening Night
       2022 AR HOUSE LA - AR Fashion Weekend
       2021 NiceGoblins Opening Night
       2020 SyntheticZero: The Virtual Is (Always) Real at BronxArtSpace
       2020 CCRMA NEW DIMENSIONALITY Festival, showing ‘Cross Dimensional View of the Universe’ procedural code art
       2019 San Jose ICA Art + Science Group Show, ‘Symbiome’ bioluminescent artworks
       2018 Presence, The 5th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, Curator: Gail Wight, Kevin B Chen
       2017 Tangled & Twisted Solo exhibition Feminist psychological body horror paintings
       2017 InTransit, The 4th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Juried Exhibition | Curator: Enrique Chagoya
       2015 Biolumination public exhibition, Auckland Art Festival Artist

Selection of Personal Press 
       Lovers Magazine: Creative empowerment, healing through indulgence and the beauty of artistic flow 
       Strolling Podcast: Kaixi Yang, Artist of All Mediums
       Compose Yourself Magazine Podcast auty-with-kaixi-yang-podcast-interview/
       SinTheta Magazine
       BlueOcean: Kaixi Yang - Artistic Leadership in Life, Career and Society:
       Stanford Women In Design: Illuminating Design d-artist-7c549b70a324

Selection of Lectures / Master Classes / Conferences
The Future of Consciousness: Ethics in Neuro-Tech, Interactive Brain Augmentation, & the Hive Mind at the Games for Change Conference

July 16 2022
Description: Join us in a discourse around advancements of neurotech, with the goal of defining a set of design principles towards an ethical, safe, and inclusive transition towards singularity. As more applications and technologies are developed to read our brain signals and stimulate our experience, we step into another world of widened possibilities. We will be discussing the emotional/psychological issues of reality & perception, the power of the medium as far as it distributes capital & governance, privacy & data rights issues, as well as the transhumanist, evolutionary and philosophical implications of the medium.

Art as Climate Intervention, Interact Fellowship Circles
February 26, 2021 - April 23, 2021
Art as Climate Intervention is an 8-week course I organised focused on using art as a means to express feelings about climate change. The program offered a container for mentorship to help participants develop their skills and culminated in a symposium/conference to showcase their work to a wider audience.

"Brave New World" Campaign Launch lid=IwAR081ox_iqrPCW58aTQzPqOGohC6yrU-7VxJYQHyf22VboOr0LJzdXJJgR0

March 16, 2019

Brave New World is a satirical pharmaceutical advertising campaign created by Kaixi Yang, which uses vintage found images and graphic aesthetics to depict our contemporary use of social media as drugs. The project aims to raise awareness about the negative impact of social media addiction on human experiences and will be launched through guerilla interventions in San Francisco and a speaker event at Stanford University.

Served as Judge or Mentor of Professional Competition

MIT Reality Hack 2023
Lead for Sustainability Oxford

Stanford University
       BSc, Product Design 2016 - 2020
Apple Inc.
       Apple Women in Science and Engineering Mentorship 2016 - 2017
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