Surprisingly, despite the polygonal metal surface, Marco uses a completely analogue process, which involves him sculpting a female form, then projecting out points from the plane, to multiply the size of each next bigger sculpture by 1.5x. He uses his judgement to join the polygons at specific junctures aesthetically - basically how he maintains the fluidity of the rippling skin, despite the steel being so harsh and hard to work with.

There are mechatronics in the breastplate to make her breathe. Incredible.

a curly journey of regard between lovers, one noticing the other, going the distance, meeting in the middle eventually

Imagine this, but on the Playa and way huge

Populated sketch of Marco's Love Machine installation concept for Burning Man

On my way to Treasure Island, where Marco's studio was - shoutout to Dickies

Marco at it, really spectacularly

gearing up for welding/modern day alchemy

mama looks good from EVERY angle

pho and dome

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